Top Best Instagram Spy Software in 2021

Liam McLean
4 min readJan 4, 2021


Spying is the practice of gathering details about someone’s personal and confidential information without their awareness. Generally, this entire act is criticized by people all over the world, though, it is still one of the fondest moments of certain people.

For certain people, spying is confined to what they can get from profiles on social media. But certain people do this work with sophisticated technical skills by adding such files, backdoors, or other frameworks on the target device and further monitoring the actions on their side using client software.

Since Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social networks, thus, it is becoming one of the most popular platforms that people are attempting to keep a check on each other, particularly while watching those private Instagram accounts.

And because of this, we are going to let you know about the best iPhone/Android Instagram spy software for spying on other’s Instagram pages.

But before knowing about the best spy software, let’s briefly discuss:

  1. What is Instagram spy software?
  2. Who uses Instagram spying software?
  3. Features of Instagram spying apps
  4. What can you track on Instagram?

What is Instagram Spy Software?

The spy software helps users to track and monitor their Instagram someone’s activities without their realization. Moreover, most parents are likely to use these spy applications to keep an eye on their children since the social media platform is especially used by young folks. It is also utilized by parents to shield their children from hackers, internet trolls, and cyberbullies.

Who Uses Instagram Spying Software?

Here a list of people who use spy software to enhance their social media strategy and marketing campaigns:

Parents: To check what their kids are doing, parents ought to spy on Instagram. They will monitor all their behaviors and avoid them from sharing and interacting with strangers with offensive images.

Partners: Couples will also spy on Instagram to investigate whether anyone on Instagram is flirting or chatting with their partner. Instagram is used for most persons to flirt with each other.

Employers: During working hours, most of the employees spend their time on Instagram. Therefore the employer will keep track of its productivity and control its operation.

Features of Instagram Spying Apps

Feature of Instagram spying application is:

Check Direct messages: With these applications, users can check the can check any of the direct messages. Generally, these messages are known as DM’s.

Message media: You’ll also be able to track all the media for messages. If a direct message sends a picture or video, you can review it.

Message Content: To see what is going on, you could access each message and read the entire content.

Profile details: You could search for the other person’s profile details, such as username and profile photo.

Time: The messages are all registered at the correct time. Also, the user can verify the date and time of the messages.

What Can You Track On Instagram?

The main purpose of using this spy software is to keep a close eye on someone’s profile’s activities. So, the question arises what can you track through this spying software:

  • Direct messages include their contents like links, photos, and videos.
  • Live and saved Instagram stories
  • Images, videos, and GIFs posted
  • Likes and comments on posts.

03 Best Instagram Spy Software


PowerAdSpy is an advertising management application, lets you browse and identify advertisements based on your keyword. The tool highlights the advertisers’ ads so that you can bookmark the ads which you like. It also helps people on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube to check out advertisements. It works on both platforms efficiently and organically.

Moreover, in the business world, Poweradspy is one of the best Facebook competitor analysis tools that lessen the process of inspecting your competitors.


One of the latest spy applications on the market is PhoneSpector. It is built with the new technologies for spying and surveillance, which made it ahead beyond the rest. Also, it recently upgraded with functionality to retrieve data from Instagram accounts. In fact, it is compatible with the current iPhones and Android phones, therefore, it can retrieve information from the target device very effectively.


This software makes it super easy for you as it allows remote monitoring and views private Instagram messages from the selected profile. The software also gives you the power to shield yourself, your children, and your families from the prying eyes of stalkers, hackers, and ulterior motive people.

Summing Up

So, here are the 03 best Instagram spy software that you can use for exploring. These applications allow keeping an eye on someones’ Instagram profile activities. And some applications also help users to spy on their competitors on other social sites as well. Therefore, choose the software according to your requirements.